A Question

On those blooded streets

Seeing her death coming close

She asked the Almight God

“Is this the same creation of yours that you arr so proud of”?

While leaving this cruel world

She left behind a question for us all

“Is this the way we treat women”?

The women who gave us birth!

With tears in her eyes

And in a broken low voice

She asked,

“What is it that I have done wrong to end where I am”?

“Is it the length of my clothes”?

“Or just the filthy intentions of that narrow minded man”?

So right she was

So correct her questions were

Those molesters didn’t spare a woman wearing ‘Hijab” too

Nor did they leave a kid in a frock

And you tell me

‘Ut was the mistake of that poor girl wearing jeans and top’!?


When I look back

I  cherish things that I had

And also think

About those I didn’t.

When I look back

I wonder what I did

To end where I am

And ask myself then

Is this what I wanted?

By my past being haunted?


I didn’t love her

Because I chose to

I loved her

Because I was destined to.

She was not whom I wanted

She was whom I needed.

I loved her for my survival

In my moments of fear

She was my Holy Bible

But now…

Life has changed big time

Neither can I be hers

Nor can she be mine.

I can just love her

Without her knowing it

Because now I fear

To once again ruin it.

॥ औरत ॥

​औरतों का दर्जा ऊँचा होता है

औरतों का औधा ऊँचा होता है
बिन औरतों के तो
हमारा घर सूना सूना सा होता है।
घर एक पूजा है
जिसका आशीर्वाद वे हैं।
घर एक कहानी है
जिसकी साहित्यकार वे हैं।
घर वो सदी है
जिसकी जवानी वे हैं।
घर वो रुह है
जिसकी रुहदारी वे हैं।

उनके बिना तो सिर्फ़ एक मकान है
जिसकी छत एक
और दीवारें चार हैं।
उनसे बनता है वो घर
जहाँ खिलखिलाती हैं खुशियाँ
जहाँ बहती हैं हँसी की नदीयाँ
और सूर्य की किरणें आती हैं करने उजागर
एक सवेरा नया।
वे कारण हैं हमारे अस्तित्व का
वे कारण हैं हमारी सफलता का
जिस घर में होती हैं औरतें
उस घर में ही होता है वास माँ लक्ष्मी और माँ दुर्गा का।

कन्याओं का करते हम पूजन हैं
तो बाकी दिन कहाँ चले जाते हैं वो संस्कार
जब करते हैं हम उनका अपमान
और उनके ऊपर अत्याचार।
मत सोच कि तू इनके बिना जी लेगा
तू यह सोच
कि तूझे करते देख निरादर इनका
तेरा रब्ब तेरे बारे में क्या सोचता होगा।
जिस औरत की कोख़ से लिया जन्म तूने
तू अब उसे ही मारना चाह रहा है
क्या इतना बड़ा हो गया है तू
कि अपने रब्ब के बाणों से बाण लड़ा रहा है।
क्या यही है सीखा तूने?
अपने लड़कों को तू खिला रहा है
और लड़कियों को खून के आँसू रुला रहा है।
तू इन पर कर भरोसा
ये ते सम्मान बढाएँगी
और तू इन्हे पराया धन कहता है
जो आज हैं, कल चली जाएँगी।

इस तरह से संभाल इन्हें
इस कदर तू इन्सें पाल
कि तेरा लड़का गलत ना सीखे तुझसे
और ना करे कोई ऐसा काम
जिससे तेरा सर झुक जाए शर्मिंदगी से
और मच जाए तेरे जीवन में बवाल।
सच कहता हूँ, ऐ बन्दे
ध्यान से सुन
वक्त आ गया है
कि अब तू बदल
और जहाँ ख़ड़ा है
वहाँ से मुड़।
अब तू अपनी सोच में परिवर्तन ला
और मेरी ये बात, अपने दिल में बिठा
इनपे अब तू भरोसा कर
इन्हें करने दे जो ये चाहती हैं
और यकीन कर
ये तेरे लिए दुआएँ ही लाएँगी
और तेरा हर ज़ख्म
तेरा हर दुःख
ये हँसते हँसते झर जाएँगी।


People we trust

Let us down

People we don’t

Save us when we are about to drown.

People we love

Make us cry

People we don’t

Ignore our faults, just to see us smile.

Some leave us

When we need them to lead our way

While some remain

Inspite of having every reason to walk away

It is not about how many people do we meet


About those few, who on us will never cheat

Whom to shake hands with, we need to learn

Because life is not always about    ‘Holding on’!

Sometimes it is about letting go

Things that no longer help us grow.

A Trip

In the desert of Thar

On a trip so memorable

Sitting on the burning sand

I saw a camel.

His eyes blinking monotously

With constant gaps in between

As the ship of desert cried

Cried for a drop of water to drink.

I saw his master’s face

So calm and composed it was

Inspite of the burning heat

Not a single sign of worry it showed.

Bearing that heat all his life

He grew old in that sand

Working for his family day and night

On his face,

He still supported a smile as that of a carefree child.

Don’t Wait!

Why Wait?
The Valentine’s Day is approaching again. A day to express your feelings to the person you love. A day to speak your heart out in front of your beloved. A day to begin a new relation. Maybe!
There might be many people out there waiting for Valentine’s Day to express their feelings. But I guess there is no need to wait. If you feel for someone, if you love someone, tell them there and then. Why wait? Why keep your feelings upto you?
The right time to do anything is when you start thinking about it.
Maybe, people think that if they propose a girl on Valentine’s Day, she won’t say No! But there is nothing like that. At least not in the era we are living in.
You see, if you wait, you might end up waiting forever. If you don’t have the courage to propose a girl on any other day, Mind You! you cannot propose her, even if it is “Valentine’s Day”.
Don’t bound yourself to express your feelings and emotions towards someone on some particular day or time. Express them on any day. It will either be a Yes! or a No! There won’t be anything better or worse than that.
It’s not that if she says ‘Yes’ on Valentine’s that she’s gonna promise to marry you no matter what.
So, people, go out and speak your heart to the person you love. Have the courage. And have faith in God.
He will do what is right for you. And what is meant to be, will find a way.
Love truly, express your feelings and say “I Love you” with a commitment-with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.

Don’t Quit!

Life never stopeth at any one stage;

Just one more chance

Desires every man

A chance to find his inner self

A chance to know his passion

And try, and pursue his ambition.

Life never stopeth at any one stage;

Even if you are going through your worst


The best is yet to come

The best,

That will make you stand out among the rest.

Life never stopeth at any one stage;

Even if you are on the verge of losing

Don’t lose!

Hold on.

You will come out of it

And in a way

That you will be looked upon.


Life never stopeth at any one stage;

Even if you are going through bad days

Don’t quit!

Be determined.

Success comes to those who fight

Not to those who leave it half way down the line.

Life never stopeth at any one stage;

It is just about that one light

A new beginning that ignites

Which will make you stand tall

And be remembered for a long time.


I miss those old days of my life

Sitting alone sometimes

When life was all about sleeping in Mother’s lap

And wondering…

How the world looked sitting on the shoulder’s of Dad.

I miss those old days of my life

Sitting alone sometimes

When my past didn’t haunt me

And future was not a thing to worry.

I miss those old days of my life

Sitting alone sometimes

When earning was not an issue

And the urge of being better was not a flu.

I miss those old days of my life

Sitting alone sometimes

When reality was better than dreams

And problems didn’t make me scream.

Now, sitting here, at this stage of life

When I look back into time

I wonder…

What have I done?

Where have I reached?

Those memories… I have lost

Those people I cannot find

And think to myself then

“Oh! What have I left behind!”


The largest democracy in the world

The lengthiest constitution of all

People from all walks of life

In a condition so worse.

Is this the India Subhash Chandra Bose fought for?

Is this the India Mahatma Gandhi didn’t eat for?

I doubt…

If this is the India Bhagat Singh attained martyrdom for!

The fundamental rights of people are being laughed at

As nothing is being given to the deserved.

The constitution of India has become just a mere spectator

As everything now is for the reserved.

Democracy is nowhere to be seen

Dictatorship has overtaken the scene.

One man is at the helm of everything

Making laws,

And asking the people to follow without questioning.

I hope the things will soon change

And there will be democracy once again

The day we’ll have a new government

A government that is not insane.


उसके सिवा मेरा कोई नहीं

ये बात मैं उसे समझाता रहा

लड़ती भी वो थी

रूठती भी वही

मैं हाथ जोड़ जोड़ उसे मनाता रहा

पता नहीं कैसे वो भूल गयी मुझे

जिसे उस ख़ुदा से ज़्यादा मैं चाहता रहा।

अब पता लगा मुझे

कि वो तो मेरे नसीब में ही ना थी

और मैं यूँ ही उसे पाने के लिए

दर दर दुआएँ माँगता रहा।